Thermoeyes Beads

Thermoeyes Beads

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Thermoeyes Beads can be heated or cooled to enhance therapy treatment. The Beads create moist-heat by being warmed in microwave.  Place net bag with Beads pocketed in white fabric sleeves into 2 cups of water and heat in microwave on high for 30 to 45 seconds. (Time may vary depending on microwave)  Carefully remove Beads from net bag and insert them into Tranquileyes goggles. Please test Beads are not too hot to the touch before placing over closed eyelids.  Wear up to 20 minutes for moist-heat therapy ranging 38.33C – 43.33C.  Each set of Beads can be reused approximately 60 times for moist-heat. 

For a cool refreshing compress, chill beads in freezer before inserting into goggles. Thermoeyes Beads are affordable and a great accessory to go with your Thermoeyes goggles.

  • Relaxing and therapeutic
  • Beads can be used as a hot or cold compress
  • Easy to use


Tin contains four Thermoeyes Beads and two white fabric sleeves.

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