What is Tranquileyes Eye Hydrating Therapy?

Tranquileyes is a doctor recommended system for relieving dry eyes, lid puffiness and creating complete darkness to enhance relaxation and sleep. Whether using tranquileyes to relieve chronic symptoms or to promote good eye health, our soothing therapies leave eyes feeling and looking their best. Read more 


Features & Benefits of using Tranquileyes 

Tranquileyes have beautifully sculpted, anatomically designed eye covers that are made from medical grade, flexible rubber material that is FDA approved. The goggles seal only the area required to control the desired environment, delivering complete darkness and exceptional comfort. Read more


How to use Tranquileyes

Dampen moisture pads in warm (Moist Heat Therapy) or cold water (Cold Therapy), squeeze out excess moisture and return to eye covers. Optionally mist one of the Water Formulas over moistened pads and/ or face. Wear at least 20 minutes. Read more


Therapy Enhancements

Enhance moist and cold therapies with thermoeyes gel packs. Thermoeyes are optional gel packs that boost the original tranquileyes therapies by increasing temperature intensity. Read more

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