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Blepharitis is a chronic eye condition that is often characterized by a severe inflammation of the eyelashes along the edges of your eyelids. It occurs most often through a build-up of oils and bacteria found on the skin, causing redness, irritated eyelids, swelling, scales near the eyelashes and crusting near the eyelids. But it can also be caused by allergies and even lice. If blepharitis is left untreated you may experience loss of eyelashes and even the formation of styes, chalazia and scarring.


Blepharitis treatment is undertaken through proper hygiene of the face, hands and scalp combined with a heated compress applied throughout the day on a daily basis. The idea is to soften the oils that are causing the condition. Even though there are natural oils near our eye glands, an untreated build-up can cause this and many other conditions.

Try out our blepharitis treatment kit for a complete solution designed to help sooth your eyes, relieve discomfort and heal the condition. The moist heat therapies in the kit help loosen the built-up oils while a foaming eye cleaner removes all dirt. Try it today for a soothing way to treat your blepharitis!

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