Ocunox Eye Ointment (2 Tubes)


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Why It Works The First Time:

Ocunox is ideal for protection of the cornea at night, when no tears are produced while asleep to protect your eyes.

5g Eye Ointment with Vitamin A.  Enables optimal moisturisation overnight and improves the tear film and protects the surface of the eye.  


  • Improves the tear film and protects the surface of the eye
  • Preservative and Phosphate Free
  • Allows for optimal eye moisturization overnight

Restasis/Lagothalmus/Recurrent Corneal Erosion:

This product is much superior to having Restasis treatment and also solves the Lagothalmus issue (sleeping with your eye lids open).  It also prevents and helps treat recurrent corneal erosion.


Contains 250 I.U./g retinol palmitate (vitamin A), paraffin, liquid paraffin, wool fat and white petrolatum.

Sold in two.  Price includes two ointments.  Safe for pregnant & breast feeding woman as well as children. 

For more information visit www.candorvision.com

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