Sleep Shield - Eyeseals 4.0


Effectively used for nighttime dry eye relief, to shelter from C-PAP masks and to promote deep sleep and relaxation. Soft and flexible, this hydrating eyeseal, gently shelters eyes from drafts and low humidity environments, preserving precious tears, soothing dry, tired eyes while blocking light. The moisture rich environment created, naturally keeps eyes comfortable throughout the evening while hydrating sensitive eyelid and surrounding skin. 

How to use Eyeseals 4.0 with Secure Wrap:

Wash face and eyelids to remove all dirt and makeup prior to using Eyeseals. Place mask over eyes with secure strap so that it fits comfortably without feeling too tight. For increased moisture, use Tranquileyes Waters eye mist on closed eyelids, and place on the mask so that they are in direct contact with the closed eyelids. This will help to maintain moisture and create a natural humidifying environment for the eyes overnight. 
NEW packaging available, you can order the Eyeseal 4.0 now with Tranquileyes Waters eye mist. (Please see the drop down when selecting color.)

Made in the USA, Latex Free, Patent Pending

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