Tranquileyes Features and Benefits

Chronic Dry Eye Kits

Tranquileyes Dry Eye Kits produce a hot moist hydrating therapy and/or cold compresses

If you are experiencing dry eyes, using the Tranquileyes Dry Eye Kit will benefit you.  The hot moist compressing will loosen hardened oil and debris that is clogging meibomian glands. A continuous hot moist compress for at least 10 to 15 minutes daily will preserve your meibomian glands and help maintain healthy function of the glands. It is essential to having a controled heat of 38 C to 42 C and moisture to melt the waxy build up while hydrating your eyelids.  This will help the meibomian glands secrete oils and keep the oils flowing if they are plugged.  Studies have shown that controlled heat and moisture help stabilizes the tear film and maintain the flow for the glands to function normally.  You may want to see your Optometrist if you are requiring further treatments such as a gland expression. 

Benefits of the Tranquileyes

The Tranquileyes goggles are safe and easy to use for a moist heat compress or cold compress.  There are two separate reusable technologies, designed to perform hot moist/cold therapy.  The Thermoeyes Beads (green) are made from glycerin and water.  They are microwavable and create a hot moist compress up to approximately 60 uses. Simply place in the freezer (1 hour) for cold compress.  The Thermoeyes Instant (blue) are made from sodium acetate (a non-toxic, food grade salt water) and has a stainless steel disc inside which is snapped causing the molecules to react and generates consistent moist heat.  Place the Thermoeyes Instant in the premoisten (with warm water) cloth sleeve and then place in the Tranquileyes goggles.  Alway try to use the moist heat compress for 10-15 minutes-- the consistent heat is the key to treating the eyelids. To reuse them you boil continuously for 3 to 5 minutes (reusable up to 100 times) for hot moist compress.  They can also be placed in the freezer for cold compress.


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