Recommended Uses

  • Dry eyes (Symptoms: dry eyes,red eyes, burning)
    Moist Heat Therapy with Thermoeyes + Systane Ultra
  • Blepharitis (Symptoms: red eyes, burning, foreign body sensation, soreness) 
    Moist Heat Therapy with Thermoeyes + Tea Tree Foaming Facial Cleanser
  • Sjogren's Syndrome (Symptoms: severe dry eye, soreness, redness, burning, associated with arthritis) 
    Moist Heat Therapy with Thermoeyes  + Systane Ultra (daytime) + Liposic Ointment (bedtime)
  • Corneal erosions (Symptoms: eye pain and burning upon waking, foreign body sensation) 
    Moist Heat Therapy with Thermoeyes + Muro 128, to be used all night while sleeping
  • Lagophthalmos (Symptoms: extreme dryness when sleeping, dry eye and red eye upon waking) 
    Moist  Heat Therapy with Thermoeyes worn all night
  • Ocular allergies (Symptoms: itchy eyes, puffy eyes, watery eyes)
    Cold Therapy
  • Contact lens discomfort/dryness (Symptoms: dryness and red eyes with limited comfort wearing contact lenses) 
    Moist Heat Therapy with Thermoeyes
  • Hydrate eyes (Symptoms: dry eyes, sore eyes) 
    Moist Heat Therapy with Thermoeyes  + Tranquileyes Waters (optional) for 20 minutes daily
  • Post-Op Lasik (Protection while sleeping after Lasik or cataract surgery) 
    Onyix Shield
  • Offset symptoms of jet lag
    During flight, moisten foam pads with Relax Formula. Wear 10 minutes per hour for maximum comfort. Before or after flying, use Moist Heat Therapy + Relax Formula and wear 1 - 8 hours.
  • Relieve sinus & migraine  headaches 
    Cold Water Therapy for 45 minutes or as needed
  • Sleep aid (Blocks all light, Hypoallergenic) 
    Warm Water Treatment  + Relax Formula, wear for 1 – 8 hours or Onyix/Quartz  sleep shield
  • Minimize wrinkles around eyes 
    Moist Heat Therapy with Thermoeyes  + Age Defense Formula for 20 – 30 minutes, daily
  • Reduce Puffiness around eyes 
    Cold Water Therapy + Age Defense Formula, for 20 minutes, as needed
  • Reduce Stress
    Warm Water Treatment + Relax Formula, wear for 30 min. to 1 hour as needed

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