Methods of Using Tranquileyes


How to Use Tranquileyes

Dampen moisture pads in warm (Moist Heat Therapy) or cold water (Cold Therapy), squeeze out excess moisture and return to eye covers. Optionally mist one of the Water Formulas over moistened pads and/ or face. Wear at least 20 minutes. For severe dry eyes, apply artificial tears or ointments to eyes as directed prior to putting tranquileyes goggles on. Wear for at least 45 minutes. Tranquileyes are safe to wear all night. Further enhance all therapies using thermoeyes reusable gel packs.

Moist Heat Therapy Benefits

Relieves eye dryness and fatigue caused by many physical, environmental and lifestyle conditions. Naturally helps stimulate tear production and restores vital moisture by helping to release critical oils from the meibomian glands and increasing humidity around the eye. The heat releases the oils that slow natural tear evaporation and the increased humidity prevents the tears from evaporating. The increased humidity also hydrates surrounding eye area to help minimize and smooth wrinkles.

Cold Water Therapy Benefits

Helps reduce eye puffiness caused by dryness, allergies, lack of sleep or a good cry. Also helps relieve migraine and sinus headaches. The Cold Water Therapy soothes and refreshes eye area by helping to reduce swelling around the eyes.

The benefits of tranquileyes are cumulative. The more you use tranquileyes, the better the results. Tranquileyes provide the added benefit of creating complete darkness which helps stimulate the pineal gland, releasing melatonin to relax the body and improve your ability to sleep soundly.

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