New! Highly recommended for sleep apnea, sleep, and air travel. Onyix (pronounced ON-ix) is designed to shelter the eyes. It isn't designed to create moist heat or cold therapies like the tranquileyes goggles. The onyix is a very soft flexible shield made from silicone. It was developed to help patients suffering from sleep apnea shelter their eyes from the drafts many C-PAP masks create. Unlike the tranquileyes goggles, onyix is foamless and seals against the skin. It is very lightweight and comfortable. The Onyix kit include: - one shield. - one microfiber travel sack Packaged in a stainless steel container. Available in black. Made in the U.S.A. Latex free. (Also see tranquileyes goggles for moist heat, cold therapies, sleep, and air travel protection.)

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