Using Tranquileyes XL and why it works!

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Tranquileyes hydrating therapy is a proven, doctor recommended method for naturally managing symptoms caused by Chronic Dry Eye,  Blepharitis and Ocular Allergies. In a few simple steps, Tranquileyes XL can help provide immediate and long-term relief from eye dryness, redness, itchiness and puffiness.

  • Larger version of the original tranquileyes goggle, expanding coverage by 30%.
  • Combined with water and Thermoeyes Instants, creates an effective 20 minute Moist-Heat treatments to help open the critical oil glands required for slowing evaporation of natural tears – a primary cause of eye dryness.
  • Use the system to create 30 minute Cold compress to manage puffiness, inflammation and itchiness.
  • Kit includes one Tranquileyes XL goggle, one set of Thermoeyes XL Beads, two set of XL fabric white pockets, three set of Thermoeyes XL Instants, a mesh bag and a microfiber storage bag.

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