Why We Love Hylo & Ocunox November 10 2014

We've just received some new products that we're absolutely in love with them. If you suffer from dry eye, be sure to give these a try!

Hylo Eye Drops & Gel Drops

Hylo Eye Drops offer immediate comfort (no stinging upon application) and protects your eyes from dryness and irritation for a long time.  Hylo Gel Drops were developed for patients with more severe and persistent dry eye, who require more intensive, therapeutic lubrication of the ocular surface. 

Preservative &  Phosphate Free!

Hylo is preservative and phosphate free, so long term use does not have any risk of corneal toxicity like screw top bottles. 

Use with Contact Lenses

Both Hylo drops and Hylo gel can be used with hard or soft contact lenses. 

Innovative Design

Innovative design of the bottle allows you to pump the Hylo drops one at a time to prevent wasting drops and the bottle holds a much larger amount of fluid than traditional bottles. 


Ocunox Eye Ointment 

Ocunox gently moisturizes your eyes, stabilizes the tear film and prevents tears from evaporating while you sleep.  

Preservative & Phosphate Free!

Like the Hylo drops and gel, Ocunox eye ointment is free of preservatives and phosphates so there's no risk with long term use.

Vitamin A

Ocunox contains Vitamin A, a natural component of the tear film.