What Is Blepharitis? [VIDEO] May 06 2013

by Eye-Revive.ca


We're switching gears a little bit away from Dry Eye Syndrome. In this latest video, Dr. Bruce Dornn explains what exactly blepharitis is and how you can tell if you suffer from the eye condition.

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Video Transcription

"Hi, I'm Dr. Bruce Dornn from Eye-Revive.ca. A commonly asked question in my office is what is blepharitis?

Blepharitis is a very common inflammation of the eyelid margin right where the eye lash grows out of your eyelid. There are two basic types of blepharitis. The first one, anterior blepharitis occurs on the very outer part in the lash, or the lid where the lashes grow out… it's generally caused by staphylococcus bacteria that infects the follicle. Second type of blepharitis is posterior blepharitis, and that occurs closer to the eye where the eyelid touches the margin of the eye, and it occurs in the oily meibomian glands. There's a dysfunctional of these meibomian glands caused by either acne rosacea or demodex which is a small mite that can infect the follicles or scaly flakey skin around the eyes that can fall in the eye and create a type of inflammation.

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