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The Latest Trends

In recent months, there has been an abundance of clinical trial research being conducted on dry eye treatment and blepharitis treatment. Today, we are treating more and more patients who suffer from itchy, red and irritated eyes. With so many treatments out there, it’s hard to know which treatments are effective and which therapy is right for you. Let’s take a look at recent studies and research done in the field of eye hydrating therapy. 

Hot Compresses vs. Eye Hydration Devices

In the July 2012 issue of Optometry & Vision Science, an interesting article examining the efficacy of traditional hot compresses versus moisture release therapy devices has garnered a great deal of attention.  A study was conducted in which twenty subjects were assessed after applications of hot compresses and again after the subjects had worn eye hydration devices. The results indicated that eye-lid hydration devices proved to be more effective in providing warmth and hydration. Moreover, visual acuity and eyelid redness was improved after the subjects had worn the hydration devices, but not after the subjects had applied hot compresses. Rather than resort to hot compresses or at-home remedies, we suggest trying hydration goggles that allow you to sleep comfortably, and provide all-night hydration for your red, puffy eyes.

Eye Hydration on The Doctors

On an episode of The Doctors, a patient suffered from chronic dry eye symptoms that required her to take eye drops, apply compresses, change her sleeping positions and patterns and alter her lifestyle. It is not uncommon for many patients to try a variety of treatments to relieve their burning, sore eyes. The Doctors suggested, in addition to other treatments, that she wear eye hydration devices as a long-term solution. Moisture release goggles allow the patient to sleep how they want, allowing for better sleep patterns.

Doctors video on Tranquileyes.

If you suffer from dry, red or itchy eyes, you are not alone. Try out one of our great dry eye treatments. Or for more information, contact our team of experts at 204-775-2020 or fill out our contact formSimple, non-invasive treatments have increased in popularity as a long term sustainable solution for those who suffer from chronic dry eyes and blepharitis. Many patients complain about constantly using eye drops, or requiring prescriptions for treatment. Dry eye treatment need not be restricted to prescription medication, there are many over-the-counter, non invasive therapy solutions for itchy, red and puffy eyes.

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