Medical Conditions

Dry Eyes

Moist Heat Therapy with Thermoeyes + Hylo Gel


Moist Heat Therapy with Thermoeyes + Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser

Sjorgens Syndrome

Moist Heat Therapywith Thermoeyes +Hylo Drops (daytime) +Ocunox (bedtime)

Corneal Erosions

Moist Heat Therapywith Thermoeyes +Muro 128, to be used all night while sleeping


Moist Heat Therapy with Thermoeyes worn all night

Ocular Allergies

Cold Therapy

Contact Lens Discomfort/Dryness

Moist Heat Therapy with Thermoeyes +Hylo Gel

Hydrate Eyes

Moist Heat Therapy with Thermoeyes

Post-Op Lasik

Onyix Shield

Offset Symptoms Of Jet Lag

During flight, moisten foam pads with Relax Formula. Wear 10 minutes per hour for maximum comfort. Before or after flying, useMoist Heat Therapy+ Relax Formula and wear 1 - 8 hours.

Relieve Sinus & Migraine Headaches

Cold Water Therapy fpr 45 minutes or as needed.

Sleep Aid

Warm Water Treatment +Relax Formula, wear for 1 – 8 hours or Onyix/Quartz Sleep Shield

Minimize Wrinkles Around Eyes

Moist Heat Therapy with Thermoeyes + Age Defense Formula for 20 – 30 minutes, daily.

Reduce Puffiness Around Eyes

Cold Water The

rapy+Age Defense Formula, for 20 minutes, as needed.

Reduce Stress

Warm Water Treatment + Relax Formula, wear for 30 min. to 1 hour as needed.

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