Chronic Dry Eye Basic Kit with Thermoeyes Beads


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The Tranquileyes Chronic Dry Eye Basic with Beads kit is a popular starter kit.  Use the tranquileyes goggle with water and  thermoeyes Beads to create convenient 12-15 minute moist heat therapies to help relieve symptoms of eye dryness, redness and fatigue.  The heat created by the Bead gel packs gently loosen oils in the meibomian glands which help slow evaporation of natural tears (most common cause of eye dryness).  The moisture added when combined with the heat increases the relative humidity to help stabilize the tear film while hydrating the sensitive eyelid skin.  The Beads can also be frozen to create 10 minute cold therapies to reduce eyelid puffiness.  The goggle is very comfortable for sleep, blocking all light and sheltering the eyes from forced air heat, air conditioning or other drafts.

The Beads are made from glycerin and easy to use - heat in hot water (microwave) or freeze for cold.  Each set of Beads is good for approximately 60 uses.  Kit is available with any color goggle.  If the color you would like is not featured below, simply write the color you prefer in the comments section when checking out.  Options include blue, sage, lavender, hot pink, soft pink, copper, silver or black.

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