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Tranquileyes Chronic Dry Eye Advanced Kit is our best-selling kit for dry eye sufferers. Each kit includes everything one needs to receive the full benefits of the tranquileyes system. The kit includes both of our reusable gel pack technologies - instant (blue) and Beads (green).  Combined, the kit allows your to create approximately 160 moist-heat therapies for Dry Eye Relief.  The instant technology provides 100 treatments, ranging 18-20 minutes in duration.  The bead technology provides another 60 applications ranging 12-15 minutes in length.  Both technologies incorporate water and heat to effectivley release critical oils from the meibomian glands required to improve the quality of the natural tear and slow evaporation.  The increased humidity created by the added water also helps stabilize the tear film and hydrates sensitive eyelid skin.  Both gel pack technologies can also be used to create 12-15 minute cold therapies to help reduce eye lid puffiness and sinus pressure. 

Chronic sufferers can use tranquileyes to enhance the benefits of artificial tears, Restasis, ointments, punctal plugs, and supplements.

Tranquileyes are made in the U.S. and Latex free. 

Available with blue, black, sage, lavender, soft pink, silver, copper and hot pink goggles.  Just note color of choice in the comments.  (If no color is indicated one will be picked).

The Tranquileyes Chronic Dry Eye Advanced Kit includes:

  • One pair of tranquileyes goggles
  • One set of instant thermoeyes (blue) gel packs
  • One set of thermopads for use with instant thermoeyes
  • One set of theromoeyes beads with white pouches 
  • Net bag for drying
  • Manual

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