Basic TE Kit with Instant Theromoeyes


Basic TE - The Best Product For Treating Dry Eyes.  Uses Moist Heat Therapy

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Why It Works The First Time:

Most people with dry eyes keep trying different products with disappointing results.  With chronic dry eyes it's important to use a moist dry eye treatment (not rewetting!!!), it's the only treatment that works.  Rewetting products are cheap but don't work.  We have a superior product with amazing results.  With zero risk, buy it today, you'll be happy you did.

The Basic TE is the most affordable therapy kit offered by Tranquileyes. It is a good introduction into the Tranquileyes system, and includes goggles and gel packs.  The goggle, when combined with water and the instant reusable gel packs (heat source) create 18-20 minutes of moist-heat therapy to help stimulate natural tear production and slow evaporation of both artificial and natural tears.  The heat helps melt the oils in the meibomian glands to improve tear quality while the moisture added increases relative humidity stabilizing tear film while hydrating eyelid and sensitive surrounding skin.  Each set of Instant gel packs will create at least 100 moist-heat therapies.  Replacement gel packs are available. Tranquileyes goggles are latex free, and built with visco-elastic foam to maximize comfort.



Basic TE kit includes:

  • One pair of tranquileyes goggles
  • One set of thermoeyes instant gel packs
  • One pair of thermopads (white foam)
  • Net bag for drying

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