Blepharitis Causes [VIDEO] May 13 2013


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In this latest video Dr. Dornn talks about what causes Blepharitis and how you can tell if you have this common eye condition. Learn more in the video below!

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Video Transcription

"Hi, I'm Dr. Bruce Dornn from A common question in my office is… why do I get blepharitis?

The first thing to remember is… it’s important to go to your optometrist office or your ophthalmologist office to get properly diagnosed. Blepharitis can occur from a number of pre-existing conditions such as acne rosacea which is technically a skin condition that can spread into the eyelid margin and cause a lot of the symptoms associated with blepharitis. A second cause is commonly demodex or a small mite that can infect the eyelid margin. Thirdly, it's genetic, you're just predisposed to it… there's nothing you've done right or wrong… you're just by luck of the draw somebody that develops this condition.

It's important you get this properly diagnosed so the proper treatment can be initiated by your eye care physician. There are four main types, so it's important you go see your doctor to get that particular type diagnosed.

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