Dry Eyes - Why Treat Them [VIDEO] April 29 2013

by Eye-Revive.ca

Hey everyone!

We're back with another video. In this latest edition, Dr. Bruce Dornn talks about why it's very important to treat any dry eye conditions, and not just leave it unchecked. Learn more in the video below!

Video Transcription

"Hi I'm Dr. Bruce Dornn from Eye-Revive.ca. A common question in my office from patients is why should I treat my dry eye?

A lot of patience overtime, learn to live with the condition and just assume… that's just the way it is for me… I have dry eye!

It's very important to understand that overtime, like brushing your teeth, if you don't manage or maintain the health of your body, you can start to develop more serious conditions as time progresses. So, one piece of advice I always give my patience is… the sooner you treat your dry eye the better off you're going to be, even if its mild in the beginning, you should start to address the problem as soon as possible.

Some possible complications from not treating your dry eye could include intolerance to contact lens wear, a patient can start to get what are termed recurrent erosions because the eyelid will tend to stick to the eye overnight while sleeping… when they open the eye they can wake up with a very, almost painful abrasion that occurs. And, thirdly you can't start to develop chronic allergies and maybe even blepharitis because that tear film is very important in the integrity of the health of your cornea.

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