Dry Eye Symptoms [VIDEO] April 22 2013

by Eye-Revive.ca

Continuing on with our series on Dry Eyes and Dry Eye Syndrome, in this video Dr. Bruce Dornn explains some of the most common symptoms people experience with dry eyes. It's not as simple as it may sound! Watch the video below to learn more.


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Video Transcription 

"Hi, I'm Dr. Bruce Dornn from Eye-Revive.ca. A common question in my office is what are common symptoms of dry eye?

Well, this can vary from patient to patient but some common symptoms are burning, stinging, scratchiness, chronic red-eye… a lot of patients will have discomfort with their contact lens wear and think it's the contacts when in reality it's lack of tears on the eye. And another common misconception is tearing… when you don't produce a normal tear film that's composed of the proper oil layers, your body will try to substitute that by telling the very large lacrimal gland to produce saltwater tears and they’ll start to dump a lot of salt water tear on the eye which doesn't stick to the surface of the eye and simply will run down the face. So commonly we'll refer to that as paradoxical dry because the eye is running and the person gets confused by this thinking they have watery eyes… in actuality, that is a symptom of dry eye.

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